About Leather

Leather is produced by the tanning and finishing of hides and skins which are a by-product of mainly domestic animals. Due to the large panels necessary for the production of leather upholstery, it is cow hide that is preferred in the vast majority of cases.

Every hide has its own unique signature and if examined carefully will show its own history from its grazing habits to the climate in which it was raised. It is these so-called defects that give leather its character.

Leather Care

Leather will last a lifetime if treated with respect and properly cared for.

For minor spills it is enough to use a cloth dampened sparingly with washing up liquid. For tougher stains you may need a dedicated cleaner. We can provide you with a professional leather care kit. This also contains a feeder which should be used occasionally to retain the fat liqour and give some protection to the surface.

Aniline Leather

Leather absorbs dyes in different ways causing slight variations in shade from skin to skin. This contributes to the rich effects noticeable on the more expensive 'aniline' leathers. 'Aniline' is a type of dye and is generally used to describe the greater proportion of dye used on higher grade leathers to allow the natural grain to appear without showing too many defects. Lower grade leathers need more pigment (paint) to cover obvious defects.

A few Salient Points about Leather

Leather will mellow gracefully with age and regular use, being enhanced by the natural oils from your hands.

Don't wait until your children are grown to enjoy the luxuries of leather. Leather is far easier to clean than most fabrics and with a little care will last for many years. For a family with young children we would recommend regular leathers rather than those with an analine finish.

Leather is constantly adjusting to its environment, so it will not become hot and sticky in the summer, nor cold in the winter. Leather will breathe and ventilate, allowing it to adapt to its environment.

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