Leather Cleaner Rejuvenator and General Care Kit

Leather Sofas should be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulated dirt from penetrating the finish.  Over time, especially in dry conditions, leather may lose some of its natural oils and could result in the finish breaking or cracking. It is therefore advisable to apply a leather rejuvenator to replenish these oils and retain its natural feel. 

English Sofas has produced its own 'Hide Aid' leather cleaner and rejuvenator to provide its customers with the best care for their leather sofas. This innovative leather care kit includes a deep cleansing foam cleaner which has been especially developed for use on leather products.  The rejuvenator contains natural oils which feed the leather and retain its suppleness. It also incorporates a protective agent to provide basic cover for light stains and spills. We believe our care kit is one of the most effective available and represents the best value on the market.

Leather Care Kit

The luxury package contains:

  • 1 x 500ml can of foam leather cleaner (ozone friendly) -
  • 1 x 500ml can of rejuvenator (ozone friendly) -
  • 2 x heavy duty cleaning cloths -
  • Only £27.50 incl p&p
  • Place your order now on 0800 977 6341

Leather Care

Leather is a natural product and should provide many years of enjoyment. Your leather sofa does not need heavy maintenance but it is wise to follow some basic guidelines.

  • Try not to expose your sofa to excessive heat or sunlight. This may cause the finish to dry out and cause cracking.
  • It is not advisable to place very light coloured leathers in conservatory areas and excessive sunlight may cause fading over time.
  • Light spills and stains can be cleaned effectively with mild soap and water.  Otherwise, a good leather cleaner should be used.  Try not to use 'leather pencil stain removers' as they might damage the finish.  Better to ask an expert to remove it.  We can provide you with contacts for professional leather repairers who are also available for more serious damage.
  • Apply a leather rejuvinator two or three times a year to prevent surface cracking and to keep your leather soft and supple.



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