What to Look Out for When Buying a Leather Sofa

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Opt for the comfortable, shabby-chic look or decide to go for something more elegant and formal

Buying leather sofas can be a considerable investment but, provided you make the right choice, you are buying a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time and last you for many years.

tl_files/Catalogue/modern-sofas/belfor_sc_large-BelfourSC.pngLeather suites allow you to make a statement in your home, whether you opt for the comfortable, shabby-chic look or decide to go for something more elegant and formal. However, choosing leather furniture ought to be about a little more than simply choosing the style and the colour; in some respects you are selecting a durable and practical piece of art. Bearing a few factors in mind, you should be able to select a sofa or suite that will not only complement your home, but will also enhance your lifestyle.

An important component in your decision ought to be the location of the sofa. Not only will this influence the style and colour that you choose, but its location will also determine how much the sofa is used and for what. If the sofa is to be placed in a room where it will be used regularly, such as the living room, then you might want to consider leather sofas with built-in features. In days gone by, the living room was used for watching the television or chatting.

tl_files/Catalogue/sofabeds/maple_day_beds_sofa_bed.pngWith the dawn of home entertainment systems, children and families often use their sofas whilst playing computer games or surfing the net. In addition, families with children often read together on sofas and, occasionally, they may even play host to the odd sleepover! There are leather sofas that have features to make these pastimes more convenient, such as storage for remotes and magazines, books, reclining seats and even fold out beds; suddenly your sofa can be much more than just something to sit on.

Alternatively, if the sofa is to be used in a room such as a reception room or a formal room, the likelihood is that it will be used less often. With this in mind, you can choose a sofa with fewer or no features and select a more formal style. In addition, its use may affect the size of the sofa you choose; the less it is used, the smaller it can be.

Leather furniture is far more resilient and easier to clean than fabric-covered furniture. It also has an intrinsic feeling of luxury and comfort. Despite its durability, you should take into account the warranties on offer, as well as any financing plans available. The more reputable your dealer, the better warranties they will be able to offer you; after all, accidents do happen. In addition, any dealer worth their sale will have a close working relationship with the manufacturer and, as a result, should be able to employ an easier process for any claims you may make under the warranty.

tl_files/Catalogue/international-sofas/lucca_black_brown.pngUltimately, leather sofas are the perfect fusion of comfort and style. There are many styles available and the ones that catch your eye will be down to a matter of personal taste; some prefer the grace and style of Italian sofas, whilst others are charmed by the homely appeal of more chunky leather furniture. Whatever your preference is, by thinking about the sofa and its use within your home or workplace you will be able to choose the one that adds to your surroundings and offers more than just a comfortable seat



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