The biggest sofa in footy

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A big sofa to cater for the big arguments in football.

The biggest sofa in footy


Last autumn one company took the concept of debating the hot issues from the comfort of the sofa to new heights 

Football fans gearing up to enjoy this year’s World Cup on their sofas had the first chance to try out the biggest sofa in footy as Betfair's Front Room campaign kicked off.

The 10 metre by four-and-a half-metre (33 foot by 15 foot) structure - weighing over a tonne - took a team of designers, engineers and fabricators two weeks to construct and includes over 2,500 nuts, bolts and staples.

Able to seat over 70 football fans, the giant sofa was created to mark the launch of Betfair's new 'Front Room' advertising campaign.

Now it is traveling around the country throughout the football season offering fans the most comfortable seat to watch and debate football on.

A Betfair UK spokesman said “The average front room sees a lot of football debate, and we're sure our giant sofa will see its fair share as it travels up and down the country”.

The campaign features rival football fans sitting on sofas and chairs in a living room talking about football. Over 1,000 fans registered an interest to appear in the campaign, with the first full advert being unveiled during the coverage of the Liverpool v Manchester United game in October.

The lucky ones now have their own section on the Betfair website. Known as “The Front Room Five” they are described as “five football fans with a near pathological inability to agree with each other” 

Visitors to the site can follow their activities in what is proving to be one of the most unusual campaigns of the season. And what, apart from football, is the common element that binds them together? The sofa.

Disappointingly we don’t know anything about the Front Room sofas and chairs apart from their colour: white. Still, they look comfortable enough, even for five men who spend most of their time out of their seats exchanging bets and shaking hands in an occasionally over excitable fashion 

It’s such a good idea you can imagine marketing people up and down the country kicking themselves for not thinking it up first.

Over to you, sofa companies – who wouldn’t want to see a giant comfortable sofa in their city or town centre, whether the football is on or not?


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