Take it easy on your sofa

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Sofas are a healthy lifestyle choice!

Take it easy on your sofa


A recent study in the US says doctors strongly recommend relaxing at home to relieve stress. The research also highlights the health benefits of reclining. Bring on the sofas!


Commissioned by leading residential furniture producers La-Z-Boy, the research asked 300 doctors for their views on using recliners to reduce stress. Here’s what they told L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA) Research Group in July 2009.


·        Doctors recommend about one hour of relaxation each day to help relieve stress

·        94% of doctors say relaxation at home is important to relieve stress

·        96% of them agree that sitting at home in a reclined position promotes relaxation

·        94% of doctors agree that sitting at home in a reclining position reduces stress


“It’s great that physicians are recognizing the need for relaxation in our hectic society,” said Doug Collier, chief marketing officer for La-Z-Boy.  “We have always known that reclining helps people relax and relieve stress, and now it has been confirmed by doctors.” 


Asked to comment on the findings, one Boston-based doctor said “Health consciousness has risen dramatically over the past few decades, but so have stress levels, and many people mistakenly believe that healthy living equals busy living.”


“Taking time to relax and unwind each day can be very beneficial in many ways, including lowering blood pressure and increasing emotional and mental health. The reclining position is especially helpful because it prevents swelling and edema, promotes good posture and eases pressure on the joints,” added Dr. Dave David, winner of the 2008 Patients' Choice Award from Vitals.com.


Of course there are always people who want to scare us with stories of what might happen if we enjoy our sofas. Research in the UK says the average person spends 49 hours a week on the sofa, 30 hours after work and 19 at weekends.


The research also found that more than a quarter of people regard the sofa as the most valuable piece of furniture in the house.


All of this information makes it difficult to know whether we should believe the people selling the benefits of relaxation or those who see it as a growing threat to our health and use headlines such as “Lazy Britons spend 17 years on the sofa”* to scare us. 


The argument from the people behind the UK research is fairly straightforward – watching TV is “mind-numbing” and less useful than interacting on social networking sites. But you can do this on a comfy sofa as well, so the argument doesn’t really hold water.


The next time you’re looking for a sofa and you need an added reason to purchase one, tell yourself you want to sit back and relax - on doctor’s orders.


*The Daily Mail, 24th January 2008


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