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Sofa awareness groups on Facebook!

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace: sometimes it seems you can’t move these days without encountering some new form of social media which is meant to promote online friendships and enrich our lives. Even the good old sofa has fans out there who are just dying to advertise their love for sofas, as a recent search on Facebook proved.


Putting “Sofas” into the Search box reveals a number of groups dedicated to comfy sofa using. Set up in April 2009 Leather Sofas urges people to “join this fan page if you enjoy the amazing comfortable-ness of leather sofas!” It has 202 followers and a profile picture of what looks like a very comfortable sofa indeed.


Then there is S.O.F.A.S., the Student Organization of Furniture Academia and Styling (NCSU Furniture Manufacturing Club) which has 20 members and its own website.


And let’s not forget the “i enjoy chairs, but i prefer sofas because i can lie down” group. It has 589 members, all of whom were presumably attracted by pictures of sofas and the welcoming message:


“Do you sometimes feel tired? I know I do. That is why I, Bryce Peterson, founded this group to raise sofa awareness. I have dedicated my life to the cause, in hope that one day all people will people be able to enjoy the warm comfort of a soft sofa”


Finally there are even people who are using Facebook to sell sofas they clearly can’t dispose of by conventional means. The results vary. While the “Two extremely cool brown sofas for sale!!” page achieved its goal, the “Large, high quality, comfy sofas for sale!” page may not have been so successful. Mentioning the word “damage” probably didn’t help.


With Twitter the picture is different. For starters, the idea is to leave short messages of up to 140 characters and perhaps a link to a website. This means the opportunities to talk about your love of sofas are limited by space. However, you can leave a quick message about your appreciation of your latest sofa or even the latest arrivals in your sofa showroom.


Of course every walk of life has people who don’t take things too seriously or just simply have too much time on their hands. Take the people responsible for “In Sofa Adverts, Why Do The People Sitting ALWAYS Carress The Sofas?!” on Facebook. Putting aside the misspelling of “caress” and the unnecessary capital letters, they clearly see comedy value and some hidden Freudian messages in the way sofas are caressed on adverts. And that’s really about as far as this group goes.


So now you can use social media such as Facebook to find out more about sofas and perhaps even share experiences. Just be careful with this social media lark. When I entered the words Sofas the search also gave me details for SOFAS, which is short for Southern Oregon Fine Art Students. While I appreciate their dedication to “promoting and creating art in our school and community” it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.


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