Interior design tips from the sofa experts

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How to choose the right sofa for your living room.

English-Sofas has a range of sofa beds produce by Flame who are part of the Tetrad group. Tetrad have a long history within the British furniture industry and with this experience, what advice can they offer anyone looking to bring a new sofa into their home?


Light coloured walls


Think about contrasting them with bolder furniture colours to make an individual statement.


Vibrant colours on walls


They can overpower furniture and make a room feel smaller. It is definitely better to use lighter tones if you don’t want your furniture to be ignored.


Use paint charts or magazines for inspiration


These are useful when you want a colour scheme for the whole room, not just the walls. Correctly used, they will help you choose “a harmonious group of colours” which suit “your furniture and other room accessories.”




The materials you choose make a statement. Plush velvets and chenilles add luxury, while cottons and other natural fibres provide the utilitarian and functional feel.  




Here’s an easy way to introduce another colour to your room. The word is patterned cushions are popular and can brighten up a room.




Brown or lighter colour leather will suit most rooms, while black leather tends to fit with ultra modern, minimalist interiors. 




Two 2-seater sofas may suit a smaller room better than one 3-seater and armchair and offer more flexibility.


Final advice


Sofas can often look bigger in your home than in the showroom so measure your living space carefully.


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