2010 sofa trends

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The latest in sofa fashion trends

2010 sofa trends


What should you be looking out for on the sofa front in 2010? Some designers and websites have the answer.


“Bright sofas are front and centre in living room furniture,” says Decorator Secrets. “Out of the picture are neutral sofas with bright throw pillows, in the picture are bright sofas with neutral throw pillows”.


They also believe Asian styles will become popular again, with “Japanese art inspired fabrics to start leading us down the path to a kinder, gentler Asian style in furniture”.


Indian Gifts and Handicrafts says “The latest trend in sofa material is to go without wood or any sort of metals or wood. They do not require additional sofa cushions and look absolutely cosy and warm”.


The name of the game in 2010 is “Simple, understated sofas and chairs with clean lines and minimal detailing”, according to the Belle Maison blog.


A December issue of House and Leisure magazine contains a feature titled “56 Lifestyle Trends for 2010″, one of which is the Chesterfield Sofa.


Using metals is also emerging as a bit of a theme. This may be because metal suggests durability at a time when people want to get more value for their money over the long term.


And the search for more comfortable ways to work or play means some furniture manufacturers are already providing sofas with built in computers. According to trendhunter.com “Fans of intelligent multimedia furniture will love this ‘Athena’ sofa which features an integrated computer”.


Sounds great, but what do you get? “From the comfort of this geek-chic looking upholstered sofa you can connect with the multi-room systems and do everything from sending emails to watching TV”.


The specification also includes an integrated computer, an iPod/iPhone dock, MP3 player with a wireless connection, an 8 inch subwoofer and series of loudspeakers.


Of course there is a downside to this sofa entertainment experience. At $15,000 it won’t be in most people’s price range. However, accessorising furniture is almost certainly a trend waiting to happen. As it does, prices will come down.


It will be interesting to see how many of these actual or potential trends become a feature of the high street in 2010. 


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