Furniture and Candles Fire Growth

23-07-2013 19:03 (0 comments)

A look at how the furniture markets have been doing

So it appears the public has rediscovered its taste for furniture, or at least its taste for buying more of it than last year. Research undertaken by GfK, a leading market research firm, has shown that sales of homeware items rose by 5.2 percent over this Easter in comparison to the same period last year. More pertinently, it is items for the living room and the bedroom which saw the most pronounced rise, with an 11 percent hike in sales of upholstered furniture compared with 2012. People might be getting more excited about sofas but that’s nothing compared to their feelings towards candles, which increased by 23 percent. Candles and upholstered sofas, an inadvisable combination, may be the headline grabbers, but beds and cushions are doing pretty well too. All in all, a decent effort from the home furnishings industry, with sales set to continue to rise as companies such as English Sofas provide the market with high quality bespoke furniture, catering for customers who are increasingly gravitating towards products manufactured here in the UK.

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