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Some useful hints and tips to keep your leather looking good

Leather can fade or crack over time if you do not look after it properly. It is easy for dirt to accumulate on the surface of the leather and it can get into small cracks that can appear over time if you are not careful.  Keeping the leather on your furniture clean and in good condition is easy as long as you take some simple  and basic precautions that we have listed below.



- To keep your leather soft, we suggest you use a leather rejuivnator two or three times a year. This will also prevent cracking caused by excessive dryness and it is easy and quick to apply.



- Leather is sensitive to heat and sunlight, so try not to overly expose your sofas to the sun as the leather may begin to crack. Light colours are particularly susceptible to the sun - placing light coloured sofas in a room such as a conservatory may cause them to begin to fade.



- Most minor stains can be removed by simply using soap and water. If this does not work, use a leather cleaner ( For serious stains, we advise you contact a professional before attempting anything yourself, you don't want to cause irreversible damage to the leather.


Remember not to neglect your sofas, they require a little TLC every now and then - as long as you follow this advice, your leather furniture will continue to look and feel great over time.

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