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Designer Leather Sofas

Designer Sofas

Designer sofas at affordable prices

Take a look at our modern designer sofas section available at unbelievable prices. Our designer range of leather suites and furniture is produced either by us or by exclusive overseas manufacturers.

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Modern Leather Sofas

Modern UK Sofas

Modern Style for a modern home

In our Modern section we have put together two main ranges of contemporary leather suites. It has been our policy to ensure that the majority of our sofa models are manufactured by us or selected local…

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Chesterfield Leather Sofas

Traditional Sofas

The classic is back

Our Traditional leather sofas invite one to step back a century or so and re-evaluate quality. We have made every effort to design a selection of sofas befitting a period of elegant craftsmanship.

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Chesterfield Offer

Special offers

English Sofas - the largest hand-made factory showroom in Manchester.

Building on a proud tradition of over one hundred years in the industry, English Sofas creates handcrafted, locally produced leather and fabric sofas to the highest standard.


What makes our company unique:

     Our furniture is built on-site next to our showroom in Manchester using locally sourced 

     materials and premium leather hides and fabrics.


     From our workshop we can tailor our models to suit our customers'  specific requirements, 

     with custom sizes, seating and materials. 


     Because we manufacture our own models we are able to offer superior quality sofas at prices 

     that are some of the lowest in the industry.


     We provide quick delivery for all our furniture, regardless of specification.


     All our home made models come complete with a 5 year guarantee.



We invite customers to our Winter store clearance sale - ex-showroom models at upto 50% off.


Our Chesterfield Sofas are made according to original classic designs and offer our customers  traditional leather sofas that were once available only to the well-heeled.

In addition we offer a range of modern leather sofas that are likewise manufactured by us here on site - all hand made by time served craftsmen from the finest quality materials.

We supplement our production with a selection of Italian Leather Sofas that form part of our International range and which are immediately recognisable for their design flair; these are made in a variety of combinations, many available as corner sets and sofa beds.

Check out our designer leather sofas section that contains a number of unusual and unique contemporary designs.

See our leather sofa beds section where we present a selection of locally produced  fabric sofa beds.

We offer an assortment of leather chairs of mainly traditional design, along with a number of compact leather swivel recliners.


Please visit us again during late February to see our web site renewed, refreshed and restocked.

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